Doro Handle Easy 326 Mobile Phone                              

Key Features

Oversized easy to read spaced out buttons.

White on Black display with large text size.

Digital hearing aid compatible.

Super loud speaker and powerful vibration.

Four pre programmable memory buttons.

Unlocked for use on any network

RRP £85.10


The Doro Handle Easy is one of the most basic and easy to use mobile phones available. It has a black on white screen for the partially sighted and can be programmed to call four numbers from one of it's 4 large buttons, the doro handle easy has very BIG rubberized buttons. The Doro HandleEasy 326 has a hearing aid compatible  hands free loudspeaker and contrasting colours enabling the buttons to be more clearly defined. It has had all the non essential unnecessary regular mobile phone functions stripped out to ensure the phone is as simple as possible to use.

The Doro HandleEasy 326gsm, with its distinctive big buttons, is a scaled-down mobile phone thats easy to grip and simple to use. The new Doro HandleEasy 326gsm is basically just a very simple, but high quality basic mobile phone.

First and foremost its been designed for people who just want a phone to make phone calls!, who generally prefer mobile phones with few functions and that are easy to use.  Doro's new mobile phone is however not completely lacking features, but provides the most important and relevant ones.

The Doro HandleEasy 326gsm has four speed dial buttons that can be pre-programmed with telephone numbers, labelled A to D. This is perfect for numbers that maybe frequently used. Large rubberised buttons make the phone user friendly. It is easy to see the phone numbers keyed in thanks to a large, high contrast display.

Technical Profile          

Band - Dualband GSM 900/1800

Battery - Li-ion 3.7v/1000mAh

Standby Time - up to 160 Hrs

Talk Time - up to 160 Mins

Display - Transflective Negative LCD

Size - 135 x 58 x 16 mm

Weight - 114g

Unlocked for all networks

Additional Features     

50 Phone number memory.

Built in high quality speaker phone.

4 Direct memory buttons.

Powerful vibrating alert.

Extra loud volume control.

Rubberised feel for easy grip.

                                                                                             Contrasting colours .

                                                                                             Hands free ear piece included.

Available with a range of accessories, including chargers, cases. It is unlocked supplied with a Pay As You Go Sim on your choice of network.

We are currently working with the UK networks to gain subsidised contracts.

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