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25/04/2008 10:00        Previews of the new Doro Handle Easy range, introducing the Handle Easy 328 GSM and the all new Doro Handle
                                    Easy 330 GSM

25/04/2008 09:00        AHD is exited to announce the Emporia Life Plus will start shipping mid May. See press information

23/04/2008 09:00        Preview's of ITT's new 2008 range with rebranding to the EasyProject, introducing the Easy 7 and Easy Help                                                      Mobile Phones    

21/04/2008 14:20        Product spec sheets for new Doro and EasyProject mobile phones now available to                                                                                              download.

26/02/2008 11:45        AH Distribution Spring / Summer 2008 Catalog now available, download here (2.2Mb pdf)

25/02/2008 16:22        Product spec sheets now available for all phones in the marketing downloads area here.
                                             A3 and A2 Posters coming soon

23/02/2008 08:44        Doro Handleplus 324 bulk stock running low, expected recovery date mid march please check the DOP

11/02/2008 13:52       
Emporia Life plus phones, and Emporia Time Mobile Phones on show at the 2008 GSMA World Congress

03/01/2008 08:23        First pictures of new improved Emporia Life Plus Mobile Phone

01/01/2008 10:11        Happy new year to all our customers, currently all products are in stock and available.

16/12/2007 08:44        Orders placed before the 21st will ship before Christmas, either to you or directly to your customers.

05/12/2007 08:44        Emporia life featured on ITV's This morning, program, Phil and Fern were doing a spot on perfect Christmas                                                      presents, expect an increase in sales.

04/12/2007 16:22        Both Doro handsets now in stock and available for immediate delivery.

20/11/2007 15:22        Doro handle Easy 326 Launched, first units expected to ship within the next two weeks

02/11/2007 12:18        Doro handle Easy 326 to be launched in the UK on the 20th November